Friday, August 07, 2009

My Daughter Gets Married Today (8/7/09)

Not too many dads get to do this. Today I get to give my daughter's hand in marriage. Yesterday, during the rehearsal, I began to well up in tears and I don't cry!

It's a honor any man should do once in life (this is my only daughter). Even though as I write this the ceremony hasn't occurred, I am already enjoying this very much. Not just because of seeing the joy in my daughter's face, but this is the first occasion in which virtually everyone in my wife's family and my family are in one place at one time. This is like reliving vacations of years' past over the past couple days.

Vacations for us, because our family members live in other parts of the country, usually mean visiting someone in Wisconsin, Louisiana, Oklahoma or Missouri. Now everyone is here. The laughs we all had sitting around until past midnight last night after the rehearsal dinner were really great.

So this evening it is don the tux and escort my daughter down the aisle.

There will be lots of teary eyes.

Mine will be right there with all of them.

I look forward to more laughs afterwards during the reception dinner.

Family is great. Treasure those moments.