Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Tough Question

I was asked recently a question that has made me think:

As the nation approaches its 57th Presidential Election, we're asking the future leaders of this country, students, to define the single most important political issue in this election. Tell us not only what that issue is, but also tell us why and how you propose we come to a solution that benefits the majority?"

I don't think any of the candidates running for office have all the answers but one issue I find important to everyone is how involved government should be in our lives. If we get right down to the Constitutional guidelines for the federal government, it's pretty simple: protect and serve the United States.

 It doesn't say anywhere to line people's pockets with money. It doesn't say anywhere to provide healthcare. It doesn't say anywhere to provide jobs. It doesn't say anywhere to send troops overseas or give other countries money.

The federal government, and really the state governments, too, is to provide a military to protect us and provide for an infrastructure so that commerce and society can operate. It's a pretty simple objective.

What concerns me and where the big debate exists is how involved the government should be. Too many people want the government to give them a job, provide them with money when they don't have one and to enforce some ridiculous laws.

I think the one thing we all have to agree upon is that government cannot any longer be the source of solutions. Let's allow our free enterprise to do that. Let's allow business to flourish without government intervening or asking for too much money. 

The presidential candidate that expresses smaller government frankly is the one we all should support, whoever they are and whatever party from which they belong.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Curt Mettler Wrestling Tournament

Elk Grove High School looked real strong Saturday at its Mettler Tournament. Most of the Herd wrestlers placed in the top eight of their weight class. Cosumnes Oaks also had a good tournament.

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