Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reynolds' Journalism Institute - Reno

I'm near the end of week one of my post-graduate studies at Nevada-Reno and I am learning a bunch. Hard to put it all into just a few words or sentences, but I can honestly say it's like being back at the Journalism School at Northern Colorado again.

The instructors are great. The help they are lending me in order to be a better media teacher is fantastic.

I've learned some new software to make the job easier and more fun for the students. Plus, I'm getting more information which will hopefully make me a better teacher.

I will say there's been a couple things at home which are turning out much better and thus, I'm able to keep my mind here in Nevada.

First of all, our dog, Rudy, is improving. His disc injury in his spinal cord which has him partially paralyzed has allowed him to rest more, according to Marcia, and he's beginning to move a little more.

Marcia's VBS is moving along well for her, albeit with small numbers. Max's baseball season is now over and he had a good summer.

Sylvia is more and more pregnant, yet feeling good. Joel is working in Redwood City and occasionally playing for the NorCal Longhorns.

I'll be putting a link here in a couple days to some of the work we're doing in class here in Reno. Please check back!