Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wardlaw Resigns

Laguna Creek's baseball coach Travis Wardlaw has resigned. The reason is pretty simple and really a shame...the guy and his wife are both young teachers, both pretty low on the pay scale and with the recent budget cutbacks in the Elk Grove School District, he's lost about $800 in pay.

So, he's had to take a job in the afterschool program at Jackman Junior High which meant he cannot coach baseball at his alma mater.

Few high school coaches have the passion of Travis. Given the fact that many parents are sending their players to other EGUSD high schools to play baseball though they live in Laguna's attendance district, the Cardinals have been quite competitive. (Read my Notebook in the 10/1 paper).

Laguna Creek will miss Wardlaw.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who's the Best EGUSD Football Team?

This is shaping up to be a great season for our local high school teams. There really isn't one single great team. Everyone is pretty good, a couple average and maybe one or two lousy.

Pretty Good:
Pleasant Grove - If Joe Cattolico keeps getting his guys to improve, they'll go deep into the playoffs

Monterey Trail - I just think they don't have depth. Too many guys have to play both ways. They probably won't beat Grant and Franklin in the DVC.

Franklin - I was really impressed with their offense vs. Jesuit, scoring on its first six possession. I wonder about the defense, which will make its game with Monterey Trail one worth attending.


Laguna Creek - Delvonte Hunt and Don Jackson are the real deal, but there's too much inconsistency elsewhere

Elk Grove - Where's the consistent offensive execution? They returned to earth vs. Nevada Union, losing 28-0, after a 3-1 start. (Suggestion: Let Moe Lollar make all the offensive calls)

Sheldon: Also, an inconsistent team. I really like Josh Crabtree and his fun personality, but the players need to play a little more seriously.

Cosumnes Oaks - Ryan Gomes has a nice team and may make the D-III playoffs.


Valley - They beat Armijo. They'll beat Johnson and perhaps Kennedy and McClatchy. If they do, they deserve being moved up to "Pretty Good."

Florin - It's already a long season and it's only halfway over.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Respect for the National Anthem

Maybe I should have titled this, "Lack of Respect for the National Anthem."

That's what I witnessed Friday night when covering the Pleasant Grove vs. Laguna Creek football game. During the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, several L.C. students got up and began walking out of the stands and towards the snack bar area.

A teacher from Laguna, who was working in the press box, hollered out the window for the students to stop walking and face the American flag.

They ignored him.

I also noted a group of more students sitting and talking during the National Anthem, as well.

Where was the school security or school administrators?

That question was asked again during the fourth quarter when a fight broke out. A Junior Varsity football coach had to break it up.

When the aforementioned group of students returned to the stands below the press box, the same teacher called one of the girls up to the press box, asking her why she and her friend didn't show our country respect by standing at attention.

The girl was oblivous.

This teacher said he was going to have his classes all recite the Pledge of Allegiance and lecture them on why we stand for the National Anthem at ball games and what it means.

Let's hope someone listens. That was the worse case of disrespect I've seen in a long time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cosumnes Oaks/Sheldon Reflection

After a weekend off (Labor Day) to visit my parents in Shreveport, I was back in form Friday night covering the Sheldon/Cosumnes Oaks football game. The Wolfpack was excited because this was its first football game against another Elk Grove team.

Though they lost 28-12 C.O. was in it til the end. They are doing lots of things right.
1.For a D-III school they have lots of players. Their roster outnumbered Sheldon's. I know they also have more players that Elk Grove, the only other EGUSD school I've seen thus far.
2. There was a good crowd! Lots of orange shirts. They outnumbered the Sheldon fans.The wolf howls got old by the second quarter.
3. Good sized band and plenty of talented cheerleaders.

Eventually, C.O. will win lots of games.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

All Rumor - No Fact (or is there?)

I earlier blogged about numerous reports which pointed to several instances of "undue influence" on the part of assistant football coaches at Cosumnes Oaks High School. From what I have been told by credible sources, these coaches have for the past couple years been encouraging parents and players who live in other Elk Grove high schools' attendance areas to enroll at C.O. to play football.

Of course, that's not legal and can get the boys and the school all in big trouble.

On 9/1 during a meeting with the media, Sac-Joaquin Section Commissioner Peter Saco admitted these same reports have filtered into his office. He knows all about it.

The issue is that until someone is willing to step forward and with the Section's attorney present, talk under oath all about how the coach or coaches convinced them to enroll their son's at the school, Saco will do nothing. He can't.

So, if it is at all true, someone needs to be willing to talk to Mr. Saco. If it is just sour grapes or false, then this rumor needs to be laid to rest and forgotten about.

Let's allow Coach Ryan Gomes build his football program and stop poking accusations his direction. Right now, I tend to think it is all false.