Thursday, September 02, 2010

All Rumor - No Fact (or is there?)

I earlier blogged about numerous reports which pointed to several instances of "undue influence" on the part of assistant football coaches at Cosumnes Oaks High School. From what I have been told by credible sources, these coaches have for the past couple years been encouraging parents and players who live in other Elk Grove high schools' attendance areas to enroll at C.O. to play football.

Of course, that's not legal and can get the boys and the school all in big trouble.

On 9/1 during a meeting with the media, Sac-Joaquin Section Commissioner Peter Saco admitted these same reports have filtered into his office. He knows all about it.

The issue is that until someone is willing to step forward and with the Section's attorney present, talk under oath all about how the coach or coaches convinced them to enroll their son's at the school, Saco will do nothing. He can't.

So, if it is at all true, someone needs to be willing to talk to Mr. Saco. If it is just sour grapes or false, then this rumor needs to be laid to rest and forgotten about.

Let's allow Coach Ryan Gomes build his football program and stop poking accusations his direction. Right now, I tend to think it is all false.

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