Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Take Care of Your Parents

Mom and Dad likely took care of you when you were little. They taught you right from wrong and hopefully nutured you into a fine person. Us parents need to remember that's our biggest responsibility when the kids are still at home.

But, when Mom and Dad are getting older, it's time for all children to give back. I just came back from a week helping my parents, both 77 years old, doing odd jobs around the house. I'm finding they rely on us kids to help them do stuff that physically they can't do for themselves any more.

I've now spent one week each of the past two summers by myself going to my parents' home in Lousiana and help them. They really appreciate it. I leave my wife and children at home to go help my parents and can focus more on what they need to do and not be concerned with entertaining my kids or anything else while I'm there.

We accomplished much!

Just remember when your parents reach retirement age there's going to be that opportunity for you to give back to your parents. Don't pass up this beautiful chance. It's really gratifying to see their storerooms cleaned up, garages put in order, shrubs trimmed, etc.

I can tell you they really appreciate your help...plus, you spend time with the people who brought you into the world and you may not have very many more years to spend with them.

Don't squander this kind of opportunity.

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