Friday, October 02, 2009

Cutbacks In Athletics At EGUSD

I just wrote a story in the Elk Grove Citizen ( in which I had Elk Grove School District Athletic Director Jim Smrekar talk about his committee's thinking process over a proposed $800,000 cutback in funding for the 2010-2011 school year.

But, in looking through EGUSD's website I saw in a copy of a powerpoint presentation given to the Board of Education on Sept. 15, a list of programs, etc. throughout the District on the cutting block for 2010. Right there in the middle was the complete elimination of funding for high school athletics.

Whereas that seems contradictory, what I've learned is that athletics will likely be cut by 1/3 next school year, but the District - perhaps in showing the severity of a projected $42 million shortfall - is willing to cut ties with sports.

What would happen if that occurred?

Lots of ticked people.

But, in truth, it means that all parents who have children in sports would have to "pay to play."

It may be something like $250 per sport per child (and that's my guess on the amount).

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