Sunday, February 07, 2010

Alternative Media

In my Mass Media and Society class I teach at CRC we discuss the Alternative Media. These are people who want a voice independent of the traditional media sources, such as newspapers, magazines, TV and radio.

I almost accidently ran across a couple news sites which focus exclusively on the City of Elk Grove. One is Elk-Grove.Com and the other is ElkGroveNews.Net.

The first one seems to have some paid advertisers but generates traffic to the site with many community forums. Like we've seen with these kind of online commentaries such as what we get at the Elk Grove Citizen's website, you can read comment after comment on a topic and as the list grows, the original topic is forgotten. The commentators start bickering back and forth.

The other is ElkGroveNews.Net. It is a daily report of crime in our city along with some real inside information on the workings in our city. I am amazed at the thoroughness this blog site is currently covering items such as campaign contributions to our city councilmen, the future (or lack thereof) of the Elk Grove Promenade and the attempt of the city to become a chartered city.

There's good responsible journalism on this site without pulling any punches.

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