Saturday, August 21, 2010

Recruiting at Cosumnes Oaks?

I am watching a report from the local football community which alleges that Cosumnes Oaks' coaches have been actively persuading parents and students to attend their school.

C.O. does have an open enrollment policy, however, it is against CIF rules when a coach places "undue pressure" on a student or his/her parents to attend a school solely for participation in a sport.

I have more specifics which I don't want to write here, however, I will say I recently wrote an article for the Citizen in which I found out that most of our EGUSD high schools had poor participation in football by its incoming freshmen. Our Division I and II schools such as Franklin and Elk Grove, had only 15 or 20 freshmen working out with them this summer, down from around 45. This fall there will not be any freshman-only teams in EGUSD.

When I checked with Wolfpack coach Ryan Gomes he claimed he had 50 freshmen coming out for football, more than EG, Franklin and Laguna Creek combined. And, C.O. is a D-IV school.

This led to me asking questions and finding out lots of interesting things. Gomes, himself, isn't really responsible for the alleged "undue influence" but he may have to answer for it.

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