Monday, October 18, 2010

Greg Cochran and Crissy McMahon

Two people that are special people and meant a lot the past 10 years to Elk Grove football are in need of your prayers.

Crissy McMahon, mom of Sean, Josh and Noah, and a hard-working in both the football and baseball booster clubs, has been battling leukemia for almost three years. We remember how she would holler in her native Samoan language at her boys. She's now at home after a pair of bone marrow transplants failed to work. She is quite ill and really needs your prayers.

Greg was both a vice president and president of the Jr. Herd football program for many years. Recently he's been on the football staff at Bradshaw Christian School. He suffered a stroke last Wednesday and was rushed into emergency surgery earlier this evening (10/18). Pray for his recovery.

Both of these people are folks that you just plain enjoy being around.

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