Saturday, June 04, 2011

Lindsey's CWS Blog - Day 3

The Cal Bears had Friday, June 3, off at the Women's College World Series in Oklahoma City. It was still a busy day for Lindsey Ziegenhirt and her teammates. Plus, it was Lindsey's birthday!

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Another scorcher in Oklahoma City today! With temperatures reaching the mid 90's and the humidity and haziness, this is a tough city to play elite softball in. The winners of yesterday's games faced off today in two very well matched games, while the losers had the day off.

Instead of sitting and moping about yesterday's loss, the Cal Bears and I took off to a hitting practice to loosen up our bats and restock our confidence at the plate.

After practice, we visited an Oklahoma favorite "Fried Pies" shop. It sounds unappetizing, but the fried pies are similar to a turnover dessert. Coach Ninemire enjoyed a peach pie while others decided between apple, cherry, pineapple, and many other flavors. After we returned to the hotel, players had the rest of the day off to adventure around with their family or friends. Before beginning my birthday celebration, I got some deep tissue work done by our physical therapist, and after an hour of pain, torture, and some laughs I was able to go downstairs and hang out with my family.

I had quite a few family members and friends that came to cheer us on, including Sheldon High softball coaches Mary Jo Truesdale and Joe Jaquez. I received awesome cakes, or I should say many cupcakes, from my friends and teammates; if anyone knows me they know I love my dessert, so this was the perfect present!

Overall, I had a great birthday and it could only be bested with a win tomorrow against Oklahoma State. Watch us take on the Cowgirls tomorrow (Saturday) at 9am pacific time on ESPN. GO BEARS!

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