Friday, January 30, 2015

Formaker Takes Leave of Absence From Frankin/CIF Expands Football Playoffs

To further clarify my late Friday post on this story, Franklin head basketball coach Jesse Formaker has taken a leave of absence from his post to attend to his eight-year-old son diagnosed a couple days ago with bone cancer.

Elk Grove Citizen sports editor Jon Gudel spoke with Formaker late Friday and reports that Formaker will attend practices and games only when available the rest of this season. His assistant coaches will take over the reigns of coaching the squad. Formaker also told Gudel he has taken a leave from teaching at Franklin for the immediate future. His son will begin treatments immediately.

Gudel will have a more thorough report on this story in Tuesday's online edition of the Citizen and in Wednesday's newspaper.

The Wildcats are 12-8 this season, 4-3 and in third place in the Delta League.

CIF Expands Football Playoffs

The State football championships will expand rapidly effective next season from five CIF State Championship games to 13.

Under the new format all Section champions at all divisions of play throughout the entire state will get the opportunity to play in a regional game.

Prior to today's decision, the Section commissioners would meet annually to decide which teams in both Northern and Southern California were the most deserving for play in a regional game with the winners to play for a state title.

This past season, commissioners selected two clubs to play for the State's Open Division title, then selected 16 other clubs - eight each in Northern and in Southern California - to play a regional game in Divisions I through IV. The winners of those games faced off in early December in Carson for the State title in their respective divisions.

To read more about this decision, here's a story

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