Thursday, April 21, 2016

PG Tennis/Thursday's Scoreboard

By Mighty Chen
Citizen Sports Intern

It all down to this last tiebreaker: 4-4. 4-5. 5-5. As they rallied against each other, Pleasant Groves Ken Nguyen and Sheldons Michael Voong were neck to neck in their singles tennis match on Mon, Apr. 18.
Nice shot, Nguyen said, every time his opponent scored.
The two battled in the 90-degree heat as Pleasant Grove coach Adam Harris commented about the season.
Its a very strange season this year, he stated. Davis and Jesuit at the top, and have beaten us 9-0 each time. Then we have Pleasant Grove and Franklin in the middle.” 
Michael Voong

Franklin beat Pleasant Grove 7-2 on March 28, and Harris is waiting for his chance repay the favor, lest there be consequences.
If we dont beat Franklin 7-2 like they beat us, then were going to be in fourth place, Harris explained.
He also added that the team needed to improve their movement on the court after hitting or returning a ball.
Many of us just sit there watching as if were a spectator, instead of getting back and ready for our opponent to return the ball, Harris pointed out. He noted that his players lose precious seconds when theyre not ready.
Its one of the biggest things plaguing the team, he added.
Harris also described this seasons struggle to try to bond the team together. The top twelve boys on the team rarely communicate with the ten lower-tier players, creating a division in the team.
They dont really see eye to eye, or even talk, he said. The top players need to take someone underneath their wing and start teaching them tennis.
Harris tries to encourage a team-oriented attitude in the boys. When he gets the chance, Harris plays doubles with one of the boys, exemplifying how to be a team sport.
He particularly mentioned Kenneth Xiong and Jack Gallagher who come in on time to help the coach set up for practices and matches.
[Jack] always thanks me after every practice and every match, and nobody else really does that, Harris explained.
Ken Nguyen and Michael Voong switched positions one last time. These last swings determined the winner. It was Voong who took the match.
Ken Nguyen
Sheldon took the team win against Pleasant Grove 5-4, but Nguyen wasnt upset. He shook Voongs hand, smiled, and said sincerely, Great game, man.
Nguyen shared his thoughts through the last few strokes of the match and advised fellow players about close matches.
Stay focused. Stay calm. Dont get distracted. If you get angry or frustrated, you cant play your best.
The Delta Leagues post-season begins on Monday, Apr. 25 with the League Singles Championships at Laguna Creek Racquet Club. The doubles league championship will be played at the same location on Wednesday, Apr. 27.
Thursday's Scoreboard
College Baseball -
Cosumnes River 8, Sierra College 1
College Softball -
Cosumnes River 2, Sierra College 1
Sierra College 2, Cosumnes River 0
Track and Field -
Boys – Davis 85, Monterey Trail 45
Girls – Davis 85, Monterey Trail 51
Jesuit 94, Pleasant Grove 37
St. Francis 100, Pleasant Grove 36

Boys Golf -
Delta League Center Match II
Jesuit 358
Davis 368
Elk Grove 393
Franklin 408
Pleasant Grove 409
Sheldon 489
Monterey Trail 594
Medalist – David Laskin (Jesuit) 66

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