Tuesday, January 31, 2023

"Revive the Sports Corner"

 This sports blog is something I established back in 2006 when blogging first became a thing. In the time I was both a sportswriter and, later, a sports editor of the Elk Grove Citizen newspaper I placed several posts here. Sometimes it was posted also on the Citizen's website, EGCitizen.com. 

Recently someone Googled one of my old posts and asked me why I have given up the blog. I never really considered it "given up" but rather sitting there as a blogger archive. I was looking over some of my posts and lots of memories of the last 15 years were refreshed.

There has been lots of great sports stories I have covered, written about and experienced. This blog is loaded with plenty of memories and I didn't want it to be shoved off into the background of the Internet somewhere. Plus, I returned to the Citizen in September of 2021 with it under the new ownership of Valley Oak Press.

Thus, I have revived the old URL for this blog, http://www.elkgrovesports.net, and will begin tying together my work I do on the Citizen's website and in its Friday newspaper to this site. I encourage you to bookmark this site along with EGCitizen.com. Please become a "stringer" for me as you attend and support sports in Elk Grove. 

There are so many great stories to tell and let's allow those stories to be told here, hopefully with some help from you!

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