Monday, February 20, 2023

Great matches, outstanding storylines at SPW's Elk Grove event

 It was a great time for all wrestling fans Sunday at Elk Grove's Soccer World Indoor Arena. The now-monthly Supreme Pro Wrestling event "Haters Gonna Hate" was a fun time for all.

Here were the results of the matches (thanks to the SPW Facebook site):

Haters Gonna Hate
February 19, 2023
In the opening contest Scoot Robertson defeated Drake Frost

(my comment - Scoot entered the ring from the opposite side of the arena and surprised Frost. It was a quick match because of how Robertson surprised Frost. Later in the night, the two returned to the ring and beat on each other. Great rivalry between these two)

Scoot Robertson sneaks up on Drake Frost at 
Sunday's SPW opening match

Patrick Fitzpatrick defeated Boyce LeGrande. Following the match Boyce attacked the ref. Mike Miller brought out Rock n Rodeo Express to get rid of Jack the ref. Bobby Callahan tried to protect Jack and got beat up as well.

(my comment - great storyline building between LeGrande and Jack the Ref. At the March event the two will wrestle each other. Jack is a skinny guy and LeGrande is a pretty big guy so this may be one-sided. I predict Jack will get re-inforcements, probably in the person of Callahan while LeGrande may end up with the Rock n Rodeo Express in his corner. Could be a great match next month)
Bobby Callahan won a shot at the Extreme Title match by winning a gauntlet match that included Ezra, Just Zack, Truex, and Rock n Rodeo Express.

(my comment - excellent, unique format which is sort of a mini-Royal Rumble. I like Callahan as a wrestler. Just Zack has some real ability, too)
The Honor Society defeated Big Ugly and Bambi Hall via DQ when Ugly hit Samurai with a chair

Eliza Hammer, left, and Sir Samurai enter

(my comment - for those of you that think pro wrestling is fake needed to watch Ugly and Bambi use a chair on Samurai. He was getting belted with it. I like the male/female tag team arrangement. Eliza Hammer has some real talent as does Bambi Hall. Would like to see these two face off one-on-one. The technical exchange between Samurai and Ugly brought me back to the days of Billy Robinson and Verne Gagne)

Big Ugly faces off with Sir Samurai

Olumide defeated Danté Daring
Brick and Jayson Xavier defeated Midas Kreed and Harman Cheema to retain the tag titles

(my comment - Brick and Jayson are a talented tag team. Don't be surprised if you see them in one of the national wrestling groups one day. SPW is fortunate to have good talent)
El Guapo Lupe retained the Extreme Title pinning Daniel Torch in a match that included AEW’s Fuego Del Sol
Jeckles retained the SPW Title against Impact’s Bobby Fish via DQ after Drake Frost attacked Jeckles. Scoot then attacked Frost.

(my comment - great storyline to end the night. Jeckles is a character.)

Finally, get to Soccer World early at SPW's next match, scheduled in March, because it was a packed house Sunday. If the crowds continue to grow, they'll have to move into the big arena nextdoor and let the soccer players dink around in the south arena.

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