Wednesday, October 18, 2023

If the playoffs started today ...

We're down to the final two weeks of the regular season for high school football. The only local teams eliminated from the post-season are Franklin, Florin and Valley. The others have a chance of making the playoffs. We explain that HERE.  in a post from the Elk Grove Citizen.

I have been quite busy during this transition from Valley Oak Press' ownership of the Citizen to Messenger Publishing Group. The new-look Friday newspaper seems to be getting some nice reviews from readers, albeit items like Elizabeth Pinkerton's column and our history feature looking back at this week 70, 50, 30 years ago, etc. are now missing. A few readers have made mention about that.

If you've noticed the Citizen Sports actually starts on the back page of the weekly newspaper and goes inside a couple pages. That's just a unique and different look. A couple of my college interns have done some nice work recently and their stories have been in the past two issues.

I would encourage you to pick up a copy of the print Citizen at newsstands on Thursdays and Fridays. Go into one of our local grocery stores or drug stores. Better yet, subscribe and you'll get a copy mailed to you weekly. Phone 916-685-5533.

I would ask all old timers in Elk Grove to give Paul Scholl, our new publisher, a chance to establish his system over the next several months. I will say that he's even going around Elk Grove delivering newspapers in some neighborhoods just to get the Citizen in people's hands..

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