Monday, June 18, 2012

A Eulogy For My Brother Jeff

I was shocked early this morning when my sister Julie, who lives in Kansas City, phoned to inform me that police in Little Rock, Ark., phoned her to report that my younger brother Jeff was found dead in his home.

There was no sign of foul play or anything suspicious. One of his friends phoned police to report that my brother, who was unemployed, hadn't been heard from and asked them to check out his home. He was found deceased, sitting on his couch. His dog, Samson, a huge malemute and his best friend, was in the back yard and was excited to see the police when they came onto the property.

Jeff Hull, left, with our mother
Jeff was 54.

When we were growing up we were great friends. The years and the fact I moved from Colorado in the 1970's where we both grew up as teenagers sort of separated us. We talked way too infrequently.

While I got married and had children and was raising a family, he was trying to find a place for himself in the world of architecture. He worked in Ruston, LA., where he attended Louisiana Tech, Denver and in Little Rock. I saw some of his work and he was really good as an architect. He designed super markets, department stores, shopping malls and in one of his last jobs in Denver, worked on a new Federal Courthouse building.

He moved to Little Rock about five or six years ago and when the economy took a downturn, he was out of a job, nothing for him to design.
Jeff and Samson

When we were kids we did lots of fun things together. He was four years younger, but faster and more athletic. I think if given the chance he would have played baseball professionally. He was a great player at Columbine High School in Denver (in fact was in that school's first-ever sophomore class) and at Southwood High School in Shreveport. I just don't think he got the break needed to take his game to the next level.

We'll all miss him. He was the one family member I could count on for laughing at all my stupid jokes.

Jeff is survived by our mother, Shirley, who still lives in Shreveport, our sister Julie, his son Nathan, his niece (and my daughter) Sylvia (and husband Jack Osorno), his two nephews (my sons) Joel and Max and a great-nephew, Seth Osorno.

Now, he and our dad (who passed away in April 2011) are rejoined once again. Enjoy the fishing, guys.

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