Tuesday, August 14, 2012

EGUSD Officials Investigating Sheldon Baseball

Elk Grove Unified School District's athletic director Jim Smrekar has begun an investigation into allegations made by parents of baseball players at Sheldon High School that head coach Mike Hughes has been recruiting boys to play for the Huskies' program, overlooking players already at the school.

The parents, in a 2300-word letter shared with the Elk Grove Citizen last week, have called upon the school's athletic director Denise Aguilar to dismiss Hughes for "blatant disregard for fairness on the part of the coaching staff of the varsity team (which has) caused an unequal treatment of players." 

They also allege improprieties by Hughes and his son and assistant coach, Doug, in running the baseball program and ask Aguilar to audit the finances of the baseball booster club.

Aguilar claims the parents never attempted to contact her, as they claim, over the past week. She was preparing a statement for the Citizen Monday but was stopped by school district officials when she was told they were investigating the claims made in the letter.

Hughes had no comment on the letter.

Read the entire story in the Citizen. 

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