Monday, October 29, 2012

Valley Hi CC To Host Rappleye Bros. Fundraiser

Triplet brothers Grant, Cameron and Trevor Rappleye all enjoyed baseball and soccer growing up in Elk Grove, just like thousands of other boys. As they grew they also developed an interest in golf, following their dad, Kevin, to Valley Hi Country Club and just hanging around, but then learning how to play the game.

Cameron got the itch to learn the game first at age 12. A year later Grant started playing. A few years later the pair were the class of high school golf playing at Christian Brothers High School.

Trevor? What happened to him?

“He picked up the clubs a few times one summer, “ Grant said. “He and mom took a few lessons, but they didn’t like it.”

Now after leading the Sacramento State golf team into the NCAA Division I championships last spring, the other two Rappleye have their eyes set on becoming pros. On Thursday Valley Hi will host a fundraising event to garner what they hope would be about $40,000, the amount needed to cover the first year of expenses for Grant and Cameron as professional golf competitors.

The cost for golf, a 12:30 p.m. shotgun start, and dinner that evening is $150. 

Grant says after graduating from Sac State in December he and Cameron plan on entering a few “mini-tour” events with the goal of competing in the Canadian Tour, a 12-event schedule that runs between April and September.

The 22-year-old brothers also have a dream of becoming what they think will be the first twin brothers to earn a PGA Tour card.  That may be a few years off, though.

So who is the best golfer?

“I think if you asked each one of us, we’d say the other,” Grant said. “Objectively, though, we’re pretty close.”

If you saw the pair stand next to each other they really don’t look like two—thirds of a triplet. Sure, there’s a brother resemblance in the face, but Grant is 6-3. Cameron stands at 5-9.

“I hit (the ball) considerably further,” Grant said. “(Cameron) hits it straighter, plus he’s a better iron player,”

Both brothers also share the same swing coach, Don Levine, a former PGA Tour player himself and father of current PGA Tour professional Spencer Levine. 

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