Thursday, July 18, 2013

Update - Arson Believed Cause of EGHS Storage Shed Fire

An early morning blaze at Elk Grove High School destroyed two wooden sheds and damaged a third. All contained primarily football equipment.

The two sheds are about 15-by15 feet in size and  on the southeast side of the Elk Grove-Laguna Creek Community stadium. Herd head football coach Chris Nixon said they contained pads for the team's blocking sleds, blocking dummies, other practice equipment and the piece of equipment used to maintain the artificial turf in the football stadium.
The ruins of the EGHS football storage shed

"I've got an estimated loss of $22,900 not counting tax and shipping, nor the replacement of the sheds," Nixon said. A news release issued late morning by the Elk Grove football boosters put the damage estimates at $60,000.

Late this afternoon CSD Fire did say they believe arson was the cause of the fire but could not say for certain. Fire investigators are asking anyone who may know something about the cause of the blaze and who may be responsible to phone the CSD's arson hotline at (916) 405-7118.

Nixon said that this is about the third time the equipment shed has been broken into this summer.

"About a month ago they stole the John Deere Gator out of the shed," Nixon said. "We found it abandoned in a field a few days later." 

He moved the Gator to another shed. Nixon added he fully expected more break-ins to come.

"They broke in again and this time pulled bags out and slashed them, then set the sheds on fire," he said.

Also destroyed was a portion of the varsity baseball diamond's fence, fence liner and a few of the outfield signs. 

Members of the Elk Grove community have quickly reacted to this morning's fire, reported to CSD Fire at 2:45 a.m. Frank Zaccari, a long-time EGHS supporter who owns a Farmers' Insurance Agency office in Old Town, was quite upset over this incident.

"I've been hearing of all this vandalism at the high school and this must stop," Zaccari said. "We can no longer accept this."

He is now collecting donations from the public to help replace all the stolen, damaged football equipment. He'll accept donations at his office, 9153 Elk Grove Blvd. or you may phone 686-8000.

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