Sunday, March 11, 2012

Detrick Speaks To Cal Ripken Opening Day

It was a special day Saturday when Elk Grove Youth Baseball held its opening day at its main facility at Rau Park. Right there to address the hundreds of players and parents was a former EG Cal Ripken coach Steve Detrick. Now a very active member of the City Council, Detrick did a flashback of his days coaching his sons at the old Church Fields, the former site of activity for youth baseball in Elk Grove.

It's a shame to many of us who spent many hours at the site, along East Stockton Blvd., just north of Sheldon Road, to see the remnants of the old bleachers sticking up amongst the weeds that now cover those once hallowed grounds. I recall the day we installed a new electronic scoreboard on Field #2. I think I was the first person to work that scoreboard.

Now there's just the skeleton of the support structure that held the scoreboard.

Whoever owns that property needs to give it to our city so that youth baseball may return there. (Hint!)

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