Monday, January 21, 2013

Wiggins, 49ers Head To Super Bowl

SF 49ers NFC Championship hat, given Sunday to
former Elk Grove H.S. lineman Kenny Wiggins
Sure, he's a member of the practice squad, but former Elk Grove and Fresno State offensive tackle Kenny Wiggins is beaming with pride today. His San Francisco 49er teammates won the NFC championship over Atlanta Sunday, 28-24.

They are on their way to the Super Bowl in New Orleans on Feb.3.

Wiggins, in an interview with me two weeks ago, talked about how hard the Niners have been working and the result of that hard work showed in impressive wins over Green Bay and the Falcons in the playoffs.

The Niners have Wiggins and the other practice squad members prepare just like the active roster players for each and every game. They are one NFL team that takes their practice squad seriously and treat them very well, according to Wiggins.

He'll also have a big insight to the Baltimore Ravens, the 49ers Super Bowl opponent. Wiggins finished the 2011 season as a part of their practice squad.

He'll be EGHS' second participant in a Super Bowl. Lance Briggs went to a Super Bowl four years ago with the Chicago Bears.

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